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The asset management industry is very familiar with the term, ‘assets under management' (AUM), but what about all the other distribution information under management? This information, like assets, needs to be tracked, monitored, and measured.

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Leveraging IUM to Foster a Data-centric Distribution Function

Posted by Scott Kasper

What does it mean to be information-centric? We’ve explored the definition and uses of your information under management(IUM), and talked about information management ideals, but now let’s explore if your firm is truly information-centric.

Where is your Data Housed?

Posted by Scott Kasper

We’ve defined Distribution IUM and explored why you should seek to manage the internal and third-party data. The next step is to look at where all that information is stored. Firms have found errant data in their CRM, expense solutions, website, marketing, sales, and email systems. Some firms find them in Excel! While the data may live in various sources or applications, there is one key question that needs to be answered:

What is your Information Under Management?

Posted by Scott Kasper

This blog is the first in a series where we explore how your firm can make the transformation to a data-centric firm.

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