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The Front-to-Back Operating Model: Avoid a Siloed Approach

Posted by Joseph DeRice

There is simply no denying that “front-to-back” is gaining significant momentum. The business case is clear: asset managers must differentiate to survive but a legacy of overly complex operating models, restrictive and costly technology, and functional silos between the front, middle, and back-office are inhibitors to executing their strategy.

Bringing Investment Management In-House: Know Before You Go!

Posted by Joseph DeRice

Bringing investment management in-house has deep implications beyond where investment decisions are made. Without a well-defined strategy for how to support the end-to-end investment lifecycle, asset owners put themselves at risk and may never fully realize the intended benefits of increased flexibility, control, and lower cost.

Evolving Trends in Service Provider Oversight

Posted by Joseph DeRice

When was the last time you thought about service provider oversight? If you’ve experienced a significant error event, noticed a decline in service quality, anticipated a cost-benefit that hasn’t materialized, or have existing SLAs and KPIs that could be more clearly defined, then you’re probably thinking about oversight, and you’re not alone. 

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