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Olmstead’s Rapidly Growing Client Communications Consulting Services

Posted by Kevin Trimble

Andy Ziegler has joined Olmstead as Director of Client Communications Solutions, responsible for defining and delivering sales enablement and client communications solutions to our asset management clients. 

“We are excited to have Andy and his experience as a user, vendor, and consultant of sales enablement and client communications solutions to lead our clients' distribution transformation initiatives,” commented CEO Stephen Alepa.  

Asset managers are increasingly investing in their Distribution architectures, sometimes with elusive ROIs. Spend has grown on CRM, sales enablement, marketing automation, distribution intelligence, client portals & client reporting, and website development. Investment continues in CAP masters and distribution data strategies, as well as sales training and productivity tools. But architecting and implementing these solutions holistically and impactfully has proven to be challenging. 

Olmstead has invested in solutions such as data readiness constructs, a distribution data model, and data services / APIs that integrate with leading platforms. Ziegler notes, “Olmstead’s data centric approach, tools, and implementation accelerators appealed to me, as we recognize that sales enablement and communications initiatives are data projects at their core.” As part of his remit, Andy will be spearheading implementation and growth efforts for Olmstead’s data and consulting partnership with Seismic, the leading sales and marketing enablement solution provider.

Prior to joining Olmstead, Andy used, managed, and implemented client communications solutions at Fidelity, Wellington, the sales enablement vendor XINN, and Cutter Associates. 

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